Ministerial Services

Vedam will be happy to sit down with you and discuss those occasions, those 'mile stones'of celebration, where an Ordained Minister plays a key role in the service. Your wedding, commitment ceremony, civil union, memorial service, or a christening can be as unique nd as special as you are. You will want to look back and remember that day fondly for years to come. Whether you prefer a traditional ceremony or something customized to fit your personality and style, Vedam can assist you in creating exactly what you desire for that special day.

Weddings, Union Ceremonies and Handfastings

On this incredible day, you will want a service that celebrates you and your partner's personality, spiritual beliefs and style. Whether it is a union that is celebrated legally, or a union that celebrates your love and commitment, you deserve someone who supports you, your partner and your lifestyle. As you begin to plan that day, contact Vedam for a complimentary consultation to discuss style, dates and pricing structure.

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Memorial Services

At the time of the death of your loved one, Vedam can assist and support you in having a day which is truly beautiful and honoring. As your beloved transitions through the evolution of life, Vedam can assist you in honoring their life and personality with respect and celebration. On an occasion that is often difficult, you can have a day that is filled with love!

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A Christening Service is a ceremony that celebrates the birth of a child. It honors the soul who has blessed us with its birth and presense, as well as acknowledges the parents and family into which the child was born. Vedam has created a ceremony that can be used or blended with traditional christenings.

If you would like to see this ceremony, or to discuss your ideas about this blessed event, you may contact Vedam here

Hospital and Hospice Visitation

If you or someone you love is in a situation where visitation or ministerial contact would support them, please let us know; Vedam would be happy to assist and support them during this time.

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