5th Dimension Usui Reiki
5th Dimension Karuna Ki Reiki

Reiki is the oldest known practice of Natural Healthcare that has been recorded throughout history. Reiki, in its purest form, is the 'laying on of hands' and allows the healing energy of the Universe to flow through the Practitioner's hands into the receiver. Reiki is a modality that focuses on physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Reiki is a modality that supports and compliments all natural healthcare and conventional forms of medicine.

Body Massage, 5th Dimension Reiki & Energy Work

Knowing that we are a tri-part being of body, mind and soul, it is very beneficial to honor the body during times of growth, expansion and integration, and to take time to simply relax. These sessions are done to assist the movement of energy through the body, allowing for peace that is naturally accessible to be used in its highest expression. This therapy is a great way to nurture yourself, blending your energies into the flow of life.

$75.00 for one hour session, $90 for 90 minute session

Interested in learning to do Reiki?

Since the beginning of time, people have performed the act of laying on hands, using instinct to discern when and where there is discomfort or pain. Many people will do this, simply because it provides comforts and feels good. There is an exchange of energy that happens at that time. Reiki works with and fine-tunes that energy exchange.

All creatures, both living and inanimate, have a life force or energy that resides within. This energy is known as Chi, Ki or Prana. Chi is defined as energy, air, breath, wind, vital breath, vital essence, and the activating energy of the Universe. Everything contains Chi and radiates within Chi, but until a person has been attuned to the energy field of Reiki, they are not practicing Reiki.

Reiki is the 'laying on of the hands', transferring this Life Force Energy from person to person. It is the attunement process that separates this from other healing modalities. This attunement opens a portal which is already there, and therefore allows for accessibility. It opens a person up, and aligns them with what is already there for the asking.

This process of receiving and allowing yourself to channel the energy of Reiki and then access this energy for healing, is what is known as an attunement. This process only occurs between a Reiki Master and a Reiki student. An attunement process, or 'passing an attunement', is where a Reiki Master becomes a conduit for this energy, and through a ritual process; they are able to pass this energy to the student. This energy then clears obstructions from the student that may be blocking the process of receiving and sharing this energy with others. They now receive an increase of this life force so they may in turn help and heal themselves and be a facilitator to help others with their own healing. This energy aligns a person with the Life Force Energy of the Creator, and is then passed from person to person, without using the person's personal energy. Reiki aligns oneself with not only the physical body, but also the emotional and spiritual bodies as well, thus allowing for the Natural Intelligence of the body to be at its optimal and aligned with theNatural Intelligence of All That Is.

The study of Reiki is usually divided into 3 sections; Level I, Level II and Level III / Reiki Master. These attunements are passed from a Reiki Master to the student on an individual basis. Each level shares different information and builds on the prior session. Usually, there is a period of time that separates one level for the next. With each attunement, there will be what is considered a detoxification or processing time for each level. The attunement process removes blocks or obstacles that may be in the way of running this energy. A period of 21 days is usually recommended before going to the next level.

  • Level I consists of clearing and opening the channels for this energy to be accessed and then used on oneself, as well as passed from person to person. It is especially recommended that the person receiving this attunement does as many sessions on themselves as possible, accessing this energy and experiencing it for themselves. This helps to clear, heal and begin you on your own Path to Enlightenment. You will also learn about the energy system within the body and the hand placements which correspond to these points.
  • Level II contains everything that the first level consists of, and further opens even more possibilities. It is at this time that the student receives symbols that can be used to access healing both the physical and the emotional bodies.
  • Level III / Reiki Master expands on the concepts taught in Levels I and II, and also allows the person to access what is known as the Akashic Records of Time. This allows a person to heal from all lifetimes and circumstances. It is also at this time that the student learns to heal from a distance. In other words, the client no longer needs to be in the presence of the Practitioner however the Practitioner is able to assist in the healing through intent and working with people or things from a distance. This level also teaches the Practitioner to instruct others and pass the attunement onto others.

Learning About 5th Dimension Reiki

5th Dimension Reiki is still Reiki, however, the focus is changed while administering a session. The change is within the Practitioner's intent or focus while doing a session. The Practitioner now focuses on the peace that is within the body and accessible to the body. 5th Dimension Reiki follows the Natural Laws of the Universe, as well as the knowing that there is a Natural Intelligence to All, that is all around us and within the body itself.

Because the body has a Natural Intelligence within it, the body knows instinctually how to adjust itself, repair itself, and to remove qualities that are not congruent with its own Divinity. This Natural Intelligence knows exactly how to meet the effects of manifestations as they arise. Most people, when being trained to administer a Reiki session, have been trained to look for and dissect the area of a manifestation (ailment or dis-ease within the body). As the Natural Laws of the Universe make clear, putting the focus on this area of manifestation only creates more of the same quality that we are looking to resolve. This also gives 'energy' and therefore feeds this dis-ease in the body. 5th Dimension Reiki supports the body within its own healing process and allows the receiver to have a greater 'knowingness' of peace while going through the process of returning to its natural state of grace.

This course is provided to all Reiki students while taking any Reiki course given by Vedam.

5th Dimension Karuna Ki Reiki

Following all principles relating to 5th Dimension Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki takes Usui Reiki into further arenas. 5th Dimension Karuna Ki Reiki dives deeper and hones in more specifically than just the traditional physical, emotional, and karmic aspects of Usui Reiki. Karuna Ki explores the breaking of habits, connecting to the Higher Self, remaining centered, and unites the Yin and the Yang. This modality of Reiki is something that can easily be added into any of your Reiki sessions and assists the Practitioner in developing their skills to assist the body in its return to a natural state of grace and perfection.

5th Dimension Karuna Ki Reiki is taught in the same manner with 3 levels of attunements and new symbols that support this modality. This course is designed for those who have completed Usui Reiki training.

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