Each of us has learned conditioned qualities that do not support us in the life we wish to live or have dreamt of living. These qualities have become part of our outlook on life, our belief systems and our everyday existence. These qualities often stand between us and our enjoyment of life.

You no longer have to be affected by or suffer because of your past. You no longer have to be affected by mental issues, health issues, repressed sexuality, shame, guilt, substance abuse, or to continue fighting against life.

You no longer have to be affected by what you learned through Religion.

You no longer have to be affected by living a life without Spirituality.

Life Coaching with Vedam will support you to have a greater understanding of how your own mind was created and how it operates. You will begin to see why and how you have related the way you have to family, business associates, friends and intimate relationships and how your viewpoints religion and spirituality were shaped.

Vedam's approach to Life Coaching places its focus upon self-exploration and self-awareness, using tools such as meditation, psychology, learning about Natural Laws and how the Universe operates within them, and further exploring spirituality and intentional living. Life Coaching with Vedam will support you to see life as an opportunity that continues to unfold, rather than being something you simply must endure. Life Coaching is a solution oriented approach to life's challenging circumstances.

Life Coaching is an integrated process which supports you in becoming consciously aware. It empowers you to participate fully with life, to stop fighting with aspects of life over which you have no control and to consciously create the life you wish to live.

Why would someone choose life coaching?

  • When certain aspects of your life seem difficult and you would like to improve them.
  • When an event has completely changed your life and you don't know where to go from there.
  • When relationships are not what you would like them to be.
  • When you begin to see certain patterns in your life that either keep you unhappy or stressed.
  • When a physical or emotional addiction is affecting you.
  • When religion has let you down.
  • When you would like a deeper understanding of how life works and want to participate with life more fully.
  • When you would like to have more authentic and intimate relationships.
  • When you would like to be more of an active participant in the life you wish to live.
  • When conventional therapy doesn't seem to be a good fit for you or the situations in which you find yourself.
  • When you would like to go deeper than conventional therapies have taken you.
  • When your life is going well and you want to keep the momentum going.

How do I begin?

Each new client will begin the first session with a simple discussion with Vedam about what you are going through and what brought you to explore Life Coaching. You will then be given a questionnaire to take home and to fill out about yourself. This questionnaire is as unique as the coaching experience. It asks some basic questions about you, as well as your dreams, aspirations and spiritual beliefs. Your answers will help to customize a coaching format specifically for you and your situation. Vedam has created an 18 point system that he uses during sessions, exploring areas such as, "How the Mind is Created";"Feelings vs. Emotions"; "What Creates a Belief System and How They Affect our Lives"; "What is the Ego?'; "Intentionality: Are Your Actions Supporting Your Intentions?"; and "Life Always Supports Life". These are points of reference that will be covered during the coaching sessions and applied to you individually.

What should I expect during a session?

Each session last between 1.5 - 2 hours. All sessions are done privately and can either be done in person or over the phone, from the privacy and comfort of your own home. A session usually looks like 2 old friends sitting down and having a talk. Also, since meditation is an aspect of life coaching, there will be time set aside for meditation instruction and practice.

How does a session work over the phone?

Basically it is the same as a session that takes place in person. You would simply make an appointment with Vedam at the desired time. Prior to the appointment, you will go to
contact page and make your payment. At the time of your appointment, Vedam will call you and the session will be done over the phone. If there are any hand-outs or documents that you may need for that specific session, you can either receive them through regular mail or e-mail.

How often should I have a session? Or how long should this process take?
Honestly, that is up to you. Some clients like to have sessions once a week, where others like having sessions a couple times a month or just once a month. How long the process will take is up to you as well. It depends upon what brings you to explore life coaching and your focus.

Can Life Coaching be done with a partner?

Absolutely. It is actually recommended if you are exploring Life Coaching due to relationship issues. However, if your partner is resistant to the idea, you can still use Life Coaching to support yourself through your relationship issues. There may come a point in time where you and your partner will meet both individually and together, depending upon the issue(s).

How much is a Life Coaching session?

1.5 hours = $75.00

2 hours = $90.00

What will Life Coaching do for me?

Beginning a practice of meditation and utilizing the philosophies and spiritual teachings based in the concepts of Oneness; Life Coaching assists you to move through life consciously, choosing and creating the life you wish to live.
Begin today your own journey, free from the past and awaken into the only moment you have

This moment of NOW!


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