Life Coaching

You no longer have to be affected by or suffer because of your past, mental or health issues, repressed sexuality, shame, guilt, drug addictions, or fight against life situations.

1.5 hour session = $75.00

2 hour session = $90.00

A complete description and explanation of Life Coaching can be found here.

Visionary Services: Tarot Readings and Zen Readings

Having a reading can support you through a situation and answer many questions, however you must first understand that nothing is pre-destined. The person that is doing the reading for you simply aligns themselves with the 'energy' that is happening around you relating to a specific time or question. The reader then 'reads' that energy to answer your related question. Ultimately, you create your own future, whether that is done consciously or unconsciously. The reader can tell you the direction that you are heading as well as giving you options or ideas for changing the direction that you are currently heading.

Vedam uses the word "Visionary" because he will help you 'see' what you are doing, why you are doing it, and then what to do if you truly wish to change the direction that you are currently heading.

Each Visionary session begins with prayer; uniting with the angels and guides who works with the Pure Light of God as well as the messages from your own Soul. The Visionary session is done in reverence, respect, and with clear information based in spiritual truth of Oneness.

Visionary Sessions can be done in person as well as through a phone session and the fee is as follows.
20 Minute Visionary Session = $35.00
30 minute Visionary Session = $45.00
45 Minute Visionary Session = $60.00
60 Minute Visionary Session = $75.00

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Massage, Reiki and Energy Work

Would you like to relax and recharge? Don't you deserve a little pampering? Life is full and busy. A little down time to relax, recharge and regroup may be just the thing to give to yourself; YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Each body session is done with the focus placed on honoring you and your body. Each session begins with a consultation; finding out your desires and needs. The body work can either be deep tissue work, relaxing and pampering, assisted stretching, tantric / sensual or focused with intention. Included with the body work is the ancient healing art of Reiki. If you have not experienced a massage like this, now is your opportunity. All work is done in a private, relaxed, nurturing and sacred space.

60 minutes = $75.00
90 minutes = $90.00

If you are interested in receiving a 4 handed massage, that can also be accommodated. Please contact for further information.

Retreats and Special Events

A few times a year, interactive retreats are held in Atlanta, the mountains of North Carolina and other special get-a-ways. Get-a-ways and retreats are an excellent way to delve deeper into a specific subject matter. Prices and dates can vary dependent upon the event or retreat. If you would like to be added to our email list to receive updates on up-coming event please contact Vedam here.

Ministerial Services

Vedam will be happy to assist you with those occasions where an Ordained Minister plays a key role in the service. Click here for more information.

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